How Good Am I..Lol

Fettuccine the love of my lips Lol

Calamari Fettuccine – Calamari – Italian sausage – chives – garlic – sprinkle of chillies – mushrooms – a white sauce with herbs – with a quarter glass of red wine – with a sprinkle of Italian herbs.

Cooked all the ingredients at a slow cook as the Fettuccine takes a long time to get it right with a dab of virgin oil.. All cooked.. How do we eat Fettuccine.. I know of a lot of people that put the pasta on the plate followed by the sauce in the middle on top..

Me i like to use the big pot Put half of Fettuccine in followed by the sauce and mix it with love followed by the rest of the Fettuccine and sauce.. i find through doing that u can really mix them in well and get the true flavour of your Fettuccine or Pasta.

Fettuccine Heaven Lol
The traditional way of serving Pasta.

The great thing is with fettuccini or pasta you can cook it with so many different ingredients with a variation of sauces.. I thank my mum for bring me up on a meal made from heaven.. Love Ya Mum Lol.


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