Just off Interest With Bottled Water.

Bottled Water Market To Reach $319.8 Billion, Globally, By 2022

Increasing health awareness, premium quality & taste of bottled water, portability & convenience for use and availability of functional watering different flavours have fuelled the growth of the global water market.

On the other hand, stringent regulations of bottled water, harmful effects of using plastic bottles and availability of tap water at lower cost have checked the growth to some extent. However, changing lifestyle patterns of consumer has created a number of opportunities in the segment.

Global bottled water market was valued at $169,863 billion in 2015 and is expected to hit $319.8 billion in 2022.

It got me intrigued the conversation at work with bottled water which is the best in drinking and health.

There are so many different labels of bottled water on the market it’s nearly like buying soft drink’s, as i discussed last night on Alkaline Spring Water, Spring Water, in our fridge we also have.. Evian Water.. and i just come back from the shops with FIJI Water.

Evian water is spring water which has been sourced from Evian-Les-Basins in the Haute Savoie Region of France since 1826. This water is known for the distinctive mineral taste which it acquires as it travels from it’s origin in the French Alps down to the shores of Lake Geneva.

The FIJI Water company was established in 1996 to bottle and distribute artesian water from the Yaqara Valley of the Viti Levu islands of Fiji. The water encapsulated in a FIJI water bottle has fallen as tropical rain in the rainforest. It has been filtered through layers of volcanic rock which imbued it with the minerals and electrolytes that give FIJI a uniquely soft, smooth taste.

pH Test Evian – 7.07 FIJI – 6.96

Taste test – Participants 20 – 16 said that FIJI tasted better as opposed to 4 who selected Evian as the best tasting bottled water, each participators were blind folded for the test. Collecting over 77% of the taste test vote FIJI won this round as well.

Top 10 Healthiest Bottled Water In The World.. This Is One Survey Of Many.. But I Found Most Of These Bottles Of Water Were In The Top 10.

No 1.. Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from the United Kingdom. This is a lightly carbonated high-quality water with a neutral pH and a lower sodium content than most bottles of water,. The source is located in the testValley, in the Hampshire countryside an area thats not impacted by pollution too much.

No 2.. Badoit Coming from France, it was sold as medicine until the 1950 only being available in Pharmacies. This has been around since the 1700 the naturally carbonated water comes in several options, including sparkling and flavoured water, as well as limited editions that come with a very higher price tag.

No 3.. Icelandic Glacial, although the name itself pretty telling, it comes from an underground spring in Iceland called Olfus. The spring its self is the result of a volcanic eruption from thousands of years ago. The water source is all ways protected by a layer of lava rock which gets refreshed all the time as rain falls in the area or the snow melts over the lava fields. In short this is a renewable source that keeps its self fresh – the beauty of nature.

No 4.. Evian the go to water for a slew of celebrities, which has eventually made it even more famous than many other brands.. Comes from France. This is a premium brand of mineral water and has been so from the beginning over 100 years ago. The source of water is the Evian-Les-Bains next to Lake Geneva, the water is full of healthy minerals, including magnesium, potassium and others.

No 5.. FIJI water does come from the Fiji islands and it’s certainly something different from what has been found so far. It comes out full of minerals, including the much important calcium and magnesium, which we need on a daily basis.

No 6.. Ferrarelle Coming from Italy, Ferrarelle Natural Sparkling Spring Water has bee around since the late 1800s. While it’s not one of the most famous brands in the world, it is one that is connected to a particularly important market segment world wide.

No 7.. Perrier Another bottled water coming from France, and perhaps even better known across the world. The water comes from springs in the southern regions of France, springs that have a high level of carbonation.

No 8.. San Pellegrino Originating in Italy in the mountains north of Milan, it is a well known name across the world. The sources of the water are three deep springs which actually up out of the ground at 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit.The water comes from lies some 1,300 feet below the surface, among limestone and volcanic rocks enriching the water with minerals and other trace elements.

No 9.. Volvic comes from a volcanic spring in the Auvergne region in France, Volvic Natural Spring Water is said to be one of the best-tasting bottled waters in the world, it starts as rain and snow before getting filtered through layers upon layers of rocks from this dormant Volcano.

No 10.. Waiakea this water comes from the Hawaiian volcanoes. The water sources is in the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, from one of the purest locations in the world. Originally rain and melted snow, the water is absorbed into the volcano, then its filtered through 14,00 feet of volcanic rock before reaching the base of the volcano were the water is collected.

The sad part of all this is we’re the empty plastic bottles of water end up, in rivers, oceans, parks, valleys, and streets again we as humans pollute the environment which is a shame, we should look after our planet as we do ourselves.


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