Just An Average Day

Today at work i had the opportunity to work the with the mobile Road boards, it’s all computerised from the front dash, you work in areas were you don’t get out on the road from the drivers side to much.

The mobile truck is up 200 yds from me my job is to prepare the drivers that the work is up ahead and the MT is on the Rd.

We worked with the shire that are working on the wild flowers that have been planted on the sides of the freeways, it looks really good and gives a lot of colour, but it’s a bit hard working on them with the freeway.

I like this work in some ways as every day is different and your like a thrill seeker sometimes when your dealing with people behind the steering wheel of cars, trucks, buses and motor bikes your sort of hopping there in a good mood Lol… most are really good they know your doing your job.


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