What Makes A good Man ?

Thats a question i ask myself every now and then.. why you ask.. maybe because iv’e been single for so long and think What Are Women Looking For.

Is it true that women are drawn to men on attraction.. ( if it is i’m going to be single for another 20 years Lol ) I do believe between two people there should be good (Chemistry) and thats with the personality’s can’t be the same but are a good mix.. can you both hold a conversation together.. i feel women like to express there feelings and like to chat on how their day was.. listening to the conversation is a key.. Does she feel Energised when she is with you.

Stability is a big one id say no ladies wants to be with a guy thats not stable with his life or work ability in which i understand.. What is being Stable to A LADY.. Economically Stable.. Relationally Stable.. Emotional Stable.. mmm if i was to look at that selection for me.. i could be in a bit of trouble Lol..

Lets look at my quality’s .. I’m a gentlemen an a good one at that.. Pretty direct id say.. Certainly faithful my motto is if your on good thing stick with it.. I just don’t understand on the cheating side of a relationship in 20 years never was i not faithful even when we had the bad times just didn’t see the point.. God honesty now that is my strength it got me into a bit trouble being honest.. Like.. Paul did you spend 100 dollars on clothes.. Straight yes.. i mean how can you say no when your going to wear them.. Self confidence i urged in it a few years ago as ya get older it gets harder to keep the confidence in your self with so many different things.. the key to me in haven no relationship at the moment is the self confidence is slowly deteriorating.. I do have a positive attitude with life in general and being with people direct or doing a seminar, running a program, chatting to a lady to easy it’s the next phase not very positive on that one.

Can i laugh at myself.. i do and i can if i didn’t have a giggle of my life id be pretty miserable.. i never put a woman down with the way she thinks or her ideas that she has and the way she does things.. i might not agree with every thing but there are ways you put it across i know how i feel if i’m knocked on every thing i do and say ( hate it. ) with a passion. I look at different things that i believe is a sign of a good man.. Encouragement and be proud of the lady that stand’s beside you, understand them with there feelings and what she is looking at in life as a women. I’m not afraid to share my feelings, it might take a bit longer but i feel that comes down to trust, be comfortable with your partners family and friends keep your opions to your self when it comes to family unless your both on the same boat.

Iv’e read surveys on different subjects of what women look for in men, so the question i ask is ” what do women want ” I ask that because if it come down to the inside of a good man, his morals, his understanding and caring, respect with your partner’s values of life, has great humour and enjoy being with, the list goes on, id say correct if i’m wrong but looks would be the first attraction which is understanding.. i have done a tester were i walk into a room full of women and they just look and go.. nothing no response Lol.. then a handsome muscular guy walks in heads turn and the look of Mmmmm crosses there faces. Maybe i walk into the wrong areas Lol.. but i know i don’t turn heads i all so know i’m a good man just that nobody want’s to give me the chance to show them.. or i don’t give them the chance to find out could be more to it i think.. Lol.

Am i perfect.. na far from it.. do i have faults.. Yes I do.. Will i ever get to perfection.. No what ill do is keep working on my mistakes to be a better person and be a better man.. Will i change my ways No just improve them.. Do i be some one else to please.. No be who i am ill never please every one i meet in life.. I’ll just be me which i feel is a pretty good me Lol.


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