Question ? Water.. ALKALINE

Now Question.

Alkaline water is it good for you.. According to the company they believe that it can neutralise the acid in your bloodstream and help your body metabolise nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance. Some say that alkaline water can help prevent disease, such as cancer and heart diseases.Now the negative side effects include the lowering of stomach acidity which helps kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering your blood stream.

Spring water.. is being noted to be more healthful because it contains natural minerals. Spring water is also referred to ALIVE.. it is considered alive in the term that is full of vital energy required for the human body. So when you drink it, it helps in re-charge in a wide range of ways . health experts believe that Mountain spring water is in the ideal range, it is regarded as some of the healthiest water on the planet because it is “living water”..

So the question i ask which is the better for you as a point of the healthiest water to drink or do we know of any suggestions on what you believe is the best water to drink. I understand that all water is good but i all ways look for that one little thing that can improve your health in some way.

Great meal and then toped it off with a nice bottle of fresh water.

Dinner was excellent tonight.Did chicken strips.. with all purpose herbs, garlic, crushed chives, touch a salt, pure all day in the fridge.. cooked with sweet potato mashed and steamed veggies..yum yum Hahaha.

A touch of chillies excellent way to finish a good meal.


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      • I am from Himachal Pradesh ( mountain region) in India. But stay in Mumbai ( financial capital and film industry of India). Taste is very much different. As well as I have seen difference on skin and hair because of water.

      • wow thats really interesting to know not only were you live but how you feel with drinking water and what you feel it does for your body.. thank you Anjali

      • I stayed in two metropolitan cities after spending 22 years in my hometown, In New Delhi ( capital of India) I stayed for 6 years and 9 years in this city. So I can feel the difference.

      • wow really thats interesting as i read a lot on India and what it has to offer.. can i ask a question please… do u ever write poetry on .. what it’s like to be a women or love as i reckon you would write the most beautiful words when it comes to that subject .. just asking..

      • I don’t think I have written anything on that, except I wrote one poetry on women on women’s day. And about India, I travelled almost every part of India except North East India, this country is full of different culture, languages and food. Where ever I travelled, I got to know new India. Only similarity in this whole country is warmth of people. Its very colourful and amazing country.

      • thats interesting the day u do Anglia ill certainly read it as it would be a beautiful piece of poetry, and it’s an amazing place were u live with all it’s culture and history.. well done and have a great day

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