Getting Healthy Is An Emotional Rescue. Lol

Getty healthy can take its toll on emotions for Women & Men.

Yes ladies you are not on your own / men do worry about there look’s the same as women.. how our body looks, hair style, clothes we wear, the style we are as men

Now if you new me you would be thinking were is he coming from.. well true my philosophy in life is people take me for who i am and are, i might not dress like David Gandy true.. but i do hate my fat guts and are working on deforming it to a little gut Lol.. my dress style has a lot to be desired too but i wear clothes for casual appearance sometime to casual but all is good.. I do love showering and being very clean, i’m nearly all ways cleaned shaved, were body lotions to smell good and hair is all ways brushed.

Hate the second chin coming into life thats going Lol got to learn to smile Hahaha.

I go to a gym called Muscle Pit it’s desighned for Powerlifting & Weightlifting but it all so has fitness program and strength & conditioning programs for athletes to improve their sports. Some of the guys would be at weight of 130.kilos to 150.kilos but in saying that.. very powerful athletes in competition they would be lifting 300 to 500.kilos of weight with deadlift, squat, bench press, or strongest man comps.. so those guys at the moment if you saw them in the street you would think they seriously need help with there eating habits and yet to see them train 2 hours a night 5 days a week they are very fit body wise.

Id say we had a full weekend made sure we were active and did a lot with some sort of exercise involved. Yes as men we do worry about our health and why not.. my dad is 90 and mum is 80 and they are going very strong because they lived and exercised all their lives to be very healthy and live a long prosper life. I do work hard on the fat body which is getting better the hard part i find is staying focused and motivated even though i see something in a mirror that i really don’t like at all when haven a shower… then i relies why i’m still single Mmmm any another story.

Lol it’s hard to stay focused sometimes, get that call want to catch up for a chat an coffee .. no one said the extra but it looks and taste good Hahaha, if i feel depressed and out the coffee and company is good but then i know i got to work a little bit harder because i break with the pressure of knowing i just blew all the hard work over that day or weekend.

As a man i do worry sometimes how i look, they say ( Never take a book by’s it’s cover ) thats so wrong who ever said that really has to see what book there looking at Lol. Emotions can run very secretly for men we are not as open as women well if any men are like me i keep things bottled up with me which can be good and bad, so besides being broke, and worrying about the hours i’m getting at work i do look at the outside off me as i’m going to now as i enter the room of Doom the bathroom for a shower.

Right at this moment i’m preparing a Calamari Pasta with asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli and a dap of chillies for tea Mmmm followed by a litre of water through out the night.. nice and healthy and gives me carbs for work followed by a session at the gym tomorrow..






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