Age Is It Just A Number

It’s a true quote in some ways.. what have i become in life.. a good question..

Well i believe as a person i’m ok no i’m really good .. i mean well, i mean no harm to any one, i love my kids family and friends, i look at life differently as i get older, i appreciate the small things in life as well as the larger things of life, i understand most things in life, i have a good sense of humour, i respect all cultures and ages, i have good and bad points but that what makes a part of me, i take things in life deeper and think more about life as i get older.

WE do and should learn as we grow, not just with school, college, or work, as we know we do they are things that are a must in life. Life experiences are lessons to be taken in every day as from a child to an adult we should learn one thing a day that we put together as life experiences good or bad.

Do i put my past experiences in helping me going ahead in life.. depends what I’m going through on the day, if it’s a normal daily routine i just try to improve the way i do it other than to make it easer for me. If i have a situation i need to work with yea the past might come into it, were i have been here before how do i make a better choice. I believe life is a continuous lesson it’s just the way you take that lesson and what you take from it.

I set goals in life at 60 years old and why not if i didn’t i might as well dig my grave Lol.. same with my dreams.. i still have goals to be a better person to be set up better in life.. with that follows my dreams how id be as a person set up better with my life, an the way i would live being able to pay my bills on time, travelling the world and being in love again. Dreams can be come reality if you believe that your goals are realistic enough to reach, then your dreams can be touched.

I can stop a lot of things in life i can improve them or just take it and give up, in which i have no intention of doing, sure i’m struggling with different things in my life but there are people a lot worse than me.. what sort of person would i be showing my kids as a mentor ( stuff it just give up guys when it gets hard ) what i do is try and show them yea it’s hard and yes it takes a lot of work to get back on top but keep focused, be happy, and just keep going forward in life, set your goals and believe in your dreams.

I can not stop age with getting older every year, but i can look good for my age, keep learning, enjoy it and go with the ride, keep understanding life, be a great person, love again, be honest, grow with my kids and grandson, more than any thing wake up every day excepting the challenge’s, using my experiences, love life and enjoy what i have and knowing i still set goals and dream in my life of improving in being a better person for me with my life.


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