Our New Fitness Campaign.

What a great Morning.

Did really well.

My daughter comes into my office.. dad we’re taking Kaiden to the mountain bike trails up in the hills, do you want to come and watch him. We live at the bottom of the hills which is good because there is so much activity up there all ways something to see and do.

As i pulled up at the car park i noticed it was nearly full and it was a very good size car park at that.. The other part i saw was the amount of cars with bike carriers on the back of them. As Kaiden got him self familiarised around the area, i had a look at the map board there was several different routes to ride / from .. Easy, Hard, Very hard, Extreme and Very extreme to Professionals or years of experience.

Got better as the day went on.

As the morning went on and Kaiden’s confidence grew, he was riding this small track but really well done, I watched riders coming back from there rides all ages women and men with the look of enjoyment and that was a ride of tiredness on their facial expressions.. I was chatting to a chap about his ride he said most are around 3 Ks and the harder ones a bit more each one had there challenges even the easy one challenges you, the great thing is it’s free to ride just your drive of around 30 minutes and your time.

Kaiden and i are loading up the ute tommorrow morning and going for the easy ride Lol all ways start at the bottom Hahaha that’s my theory love it, from there the kids are going for a camel ride which is just down the road and ill shoot else were, i’m looking forward to it and it’s a good way of getting a few Ks in the legs and enjoying the morning with my little mate.

Just a 14 second view of what we see driving into home.



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