Been Confirmed.. That Loneliness Is A Health Problem.

In life we have so many things that can really be a health issue or can affect our way of life and living, from the basic .. the flue, with that i have found that the basic Flue can kill the young to the old.. we have so many variations of flues from the summer through to winter, some that could put you in bed for days and with some people hospital, for the worse cases have passed away in life.

The letter C – Cancer is a very common word and has been for the last 10 years if any thing you hear of it so much more, with family, friends, sporting groups, and work mates, and again there is not just your basic cancer, we have more health issues in today than 20 years ago or is it because we hear more about them as it is so open now with society.

I watched a very interesting article on 60 minutes were in Australia and through out the world on a decease that have the doctors and government bodies that are running hitting the panic button as they feel it’s spreading at an alarming pace.

LONELINESS.. it’s a new word that has hit the medical book of deceases, through this it can bring broken heart, anxiety, depression and sometimes sue aside.. They believe it can be from an age of 18 to 70 with women and men, what is Loneliness and how do you explain that you are suffering with it every day of your life in some way.

I myself have a lot of friends, i involve myself with a lot of sports and work with people around me all the time, but i feel so empty sometimes through life. I shouldn’t as i talk and get on with people of all ages and see friends on regular basis but.. i haven’t the confidence or is it that i have been on my own for so long that i except it as part of my life, and this how i live now.

I certainly can not blame any one for it bar myself in one way.. i make excuse why i don’t go out or i go out and stay to myself, that was the beginning were as now i go out a fair bit but by myself to the movies, out to dinners or for a coffee and the strangest part of it i feel comfortable being there with ( Me, Myself & I ) Lol. I find it’s harder for me when i’m with my mates and their partner’s.. When i feel down and out with no one to chat to just to give you that lift..

Birthdays that’s a big one as for every birthday i’m getting older and it’s getting harder, i mean you can’t get a job at 60 so how are you going to find companionship and love at 60 Lol. To Talk on how your day was or different things that are happening around you, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day people complain how much money they spend mmm id like to try that so i can complain Lol.. The hardest one and it’s the simple one going to bed off a night knowing you have that support next to you the cuddles, small kisses of appreciation, and being able to tell your partner that you love them.

It’s something i don’t talk to my mate’s about as they have there own problems in life and i don’t go over to catch up with them to complain about my life.. My kids know that dad has a problem but we don’t talk about it as there are is so much you talk to your kids a bout in life and your heart is not one Lol.. I find it is and can bring my days when i feel down and out and depressed, i even find it hard to talk to the doctor about it and a councilor as well how do you explain your feelings when you find it hard to work them out yourself Lol..

I have found that i’m getting better in excepting were i am in life.. i have work now and can pay some bills, i do go out a bit more as i have some money to buy a coffee or a meal Hahaha another story.. i love my kids and my best little mate and we all get on so well in life, i feel blessed in life to have such a good friendship with my kids and mates my true mate’s and my parents , sisters and brother.

What i’m missing is that special person by my side were they can be their for me and me for them.. And yes i was blown away learning that Loneliness is a growing epidemic in Australia at an alarming rate.. what do i do and how can i fix it.. i’m not sure as i don’t know what to do.. except keep going on with life for were it is now and were i need to go.. Appreciate what i have around me as i’m in a better position than a lot of people out on the street’s.. Do i give up Not sure.. Do i except the fact that i’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.. Not sure .. There is that saying .. You make your life.. i believe in that but i all so believe that there are ways of improving your life.. mine is Loneliness .. and i’m working on it with out depressing my self in doing it.

The Challenge’s In Life Can Make The Person You Are Or Can Be, Sometimes Those Challengers Are Harder To Accomplish As For The Person You All Ready ARE.


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