Relaxation Is The Word

My daughter and her hubby decided they were stressed and needed to relax, so what better place to go than the Vines Resort Country Club.. which is around an hour out of the city.. Now dad what are you doing the question is asked.. mm not much( why )that all ways follows with my daughter’s question.. why you ask i know there is something following.. and again.. well Tex and i want to get a massarge and we are booked in for do you mind comming up and look after Kaiden for us.

It is a beautiful Resort with stunning views and a world class golf course.

So the travel of 45 mintues to sit infront of this pool with a view looking over the hills siting after my little mate Kado while he swims mmm.. ok im here.. as you can see im pretty stressed with the pressure Lol. It’s funny you know even when your kids are going into late 20s and early 30s your still helping them out and doing favours but day’s like these i havent a problem Lol.


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