Been so Long.. I’t was certanliy worth it.

I just felt that my skills of photography come out yesterday and timing was perfect.. This young female got fed as i was standing there letting me know this mine.

It’s been 5 years since iv’e been to the Perth Zoo Kado was 3 years old.. I wasn’t going to go but come on Pop.. Pop Please come on you will have a good time with mum and i.. HaHaHa Guess who won Lol.

I’m going to have to say the zoo is such a beautiful place they worked really hard in so many areas with it paying off no problem with that.. But for the average person it would be a once a year visit for a mum and 2 kids or a family of mum, dad and kids.. Entry fee $35.00 for adults, kids 5 years old and above to 16.. $15.00 .. so time Tara payed entry and lunch with a few ice creams through the day $100.00 for the 2 off them with that my daughter didn’t over spend.

She had a great day with her son and his little girl friend, but said dad couldn’t afford to go 2 or 3 times over the holidays which is a shame for all young parents because it’s a day we’re the kids have so much fun. I understand the cost of running the zoo would be extremely expensive but it is to go for the day for parents, off on the day it was packed with so many happy kids and parents enjoying truly great weather that created such a beautiful day for all the young and old of Perth.

There is an area in the zoo like a small oval surrounded by kids slides and games for them we call it rest area for parents, as you can see every angle were your kids are and what they’re doing. As i looked around i was intrigued by the full air of happiness and the interaction with parents and their bond with their children it was truly a moment when it makes you think why couldn’t this be more over the world as it certainly a magic place to be for the enjoyment as a family… Perth Zoo a great day out.


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