ANZAC Service.. Live And Very Strong.

It seemed funny heading off to work at 11.30 pm Wednesday night, but it was certainly for a great cause, and that was setting the ANZAC service up for the public to go with us guiding them into the service feeling safe.

We were set up by and ready to go all the top end of the city roads were locked down only event coordinators, emergency workers, governor general, police commissioner, and special guest were allowed entry through transport and 100 buses, which picked the passengers up at Perth central train station.

I had the main entrance to Kings Park to organise with the public, my job was to get them across the Rd and make sure that traffic coming through was held up with in both directions of the entrance. A couple of things i was intrigued by was the time that they started arriving for the event for, the other was the age there was so many of the younger generation through mid and the older, but was so good to see was the passion to be there and show respect to the diggers of Anzac.

It was an amazing 2 hours, just be fore to we guided and worked with over 25,000 people of all ages at our site through to the service, and all special guest, it was so good in a way even though my concentration and 2way radio were at there peak the warmth, comments, smiles and genuine thank you for your service made my day if any thing the year so far, it was a great feeling to be with so many people on such an event that means so much to so many.

You Are Not Asked To Pay For The Kindness, But a Simple ‘Thank You’ Will Do.

How true is that and sometimes those 2 very easy words that can have so much meaning behind them ( thank you ). are easily forgotten.


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