Still Learning.

I Am a Good Enough Person
To Forgive You.
But Not Stupid Enough To
TRUST You Again.

And thats how i feel but still another lesson in life even at 60 you learn all the time.. Have you ever put your foot in your mouth and regretted it were you feel you certainly have said or done the wrong thing and hurt that person in which really didn’t deserve to be hurt at all.

Well i did it over the weekend and are really pissed of with me not any one else i shouldn’t have said it and she didn’t deserve it at all. I confined to a great mate of 40 years and he couldn’t get it out any quicker to his other half which is best mates with the lady i was referring to, do i blame him Na not really.. but i will never trust him again if any thing it’s pushed me from him in a way hard to say his a mate, but all so feelings that i process should stay with me.

I can say i was in no way out to hurt her or be nasty it’s the way i said the topic and the way it got stretched even further but again i’m learning.. i’m going to keep to myself even more now as i can’t trust the word friendship any more.. but that’s all good.. i’m lucky she has forgiven me and thats why maybe a friend of mine Anjali was wright with you still have feelings for her i have to laugh no councellor has ever suggested that to me or even asked the question.. how do i know.. well to answer that.. it’s situations like this that occur and she forgives and understands that i find it hard sometimes with life and mean no harm it’s just the way it comes out.. which shouldn’t.. but another lesson is being taught to me and that would be the word Trust & Keep Your Feelings To Yourself.


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