Not Far Away. Lol

Not far away, and why do i say that.. well i have this ambition off writing a book on my Life, and through this i have family and friends ringing me to say they have something for me..Photos..

Yes it’s the memories that are flowing in of friendships, adventures, great times, and me growing up through life. I just remember being a part of a group of boys and girls that the bond was so close and we all had dreams some exceeded, some vanished, some died, and some were half finished but we all had this thing of being friends for life.

I would say i have Photos from way back from when i was 8 years old through the teens to the 40s, i’m not doing a book on photos HaHaHa but they are putting the jigsaw together of my life, the way and who i grew up with and the experiences of my life in front of me.. i have to say it’s funny how it comes back to you when you have a photo in front of you Mmmm.

To this day Howie and i still believe that we were the coolest in those days, Lol Howie believes he still is Mmm but to say that he is one of the finest, human’s you will ever meet all ways has a good tempo, looks at life in one of the most casual ways, in.. if it happens – ill work on it when it does – until then who cares – One of his popular lines was.. i wasn’t born with money – ill make sure i die with no money.

But with Howie he has a great heart all ways there for ya when life’s hard, and he grew up with my kids as i did with Howie’s. There is 3 months the difference between Jade who’s younger than my daughter Tara.. And Wade is 3 months older than Howie’s boy Lee.. the most bazar part of our lives is Maree and i divorced 3 months before Fee & Howie. The only difference between us i stayed single and still are, Howie’s been through two more divorces at the mere cost of a couple Hundred Thousand each one, as he saids who cares i’m living Lol.

Then there was light fingers Al, we traveled, surfed, partied and worked our way around Australia, i never wanted it too end but 12 months of doing nothing and getting out of the hotel scene for a break it was time to go back but for a better person in so many ways.. he and the trip did me so good.. these are the sort of photos that bring some of the best memories of good times in life that hat to end with so many positives with life experiences.


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