The Love For Music

Fleetwood Mac A Beautiful Song

We all have something in life that we enjoy use or keep hold for many years mine has been music. What is my forte with music.. can i sing.. to answer that one a straight out and decently NO Lol.. Can i play an instrument no but have a guitar i strum and harmonica i blow with the desire to learn and play blues with them love blues music all music.. So what is my specialty i listen and love all music.

My first stereo player cost around $8.00 which was big money in my teens, needed records to play on it so started my record collection.. my first album was $2.70 Lol, with that at one stage i had two suitcase’s full of albums around 400 albums, so Maree and i invested in a stero system that i cherished and used for 15 years our Harmon Cardin my mate Robbie owend the store that shaped his life, we were lucky we got it at a great price off $10,000 Dollars in which i sold for 3000 through the divorce Lol Mmmm bucket list and outstanding Stereo system.. I was very lucky through running hotels and one of the biggest in Perth The Raffles, we had a venue called the River Room which was designed especially for bands to play 7 nights a week, through this we could push up 2000 clients in through the doors at $10.00 per head to see the biggest bands in Australia play live gigs.

Being involved with the bookings in the entertament side of the hotels i got to know the band members roadies and mangers, several i got to be good friends with and still keep in contact with, Gus an outstanding drummer, Reggie blow’s a harmonica that makes you take notice and appreciate the notes that come from it, Phil play’s every instrument from bass to saxophone, Deans lead singer and guitarist of one of the biggest local bands (Jets) in Perth through the 80s to late 90s and still play the odd revivals last and not least the late and outstanding manger with bands Mick.

These guys were collectors of music and walking history of music, they put me on to a company were i was importing and ordering albums form all over the world mainly America and the UK form rock and roll, blues, jazz, heavy metal.. I remember getting Black Sabbath 4 from the UK 3 months before the release in Australia i was certainly the coolest guy in Perth Lol, that was a great advantage with gaining some brilliant albums.. Then sadly i had a big party at my house and 2 suit cases disappeared with a blink of to many bourbons Lol.. The answer to that start again.. As i did and have.

Now a days i still collect albums from all over the world but through the computer, as the record bars are a dying trade and it’s sad we had an underground store that every one new about called 78’S the owner new his music but all so really hired staff that had passion and understood the meaning with how music is and meant to all clients with what they loved from Country, Opera, Soul, Blues, New Age for what ever desire you listen too they could have it in the store or oder it in for you with a cost of postage, sadly the computer closed the last of one off the music icons in our city a few years ago.

What drew me to artist of yesterday and today is the lyrics, the beat, their personalities, their philosophies of life, the understanding what it takes to produce a great album, what it means to them and there love & passion of the album.. to produce an album that could last for ever in life.

One musician that i believe was one of the best and i still appreciate his albums is Bob Dylan his lyrics have the touch of poetry that have gone for many generations in life, the stones they produced and created some of the best concerts with Mick Jagger and Keith as front men, in saying this the ladies that stand in Madonna wild but powerful, Susie Q a great performer on stage, Lara Jones brought out my famine side of me with her husky voice of an angel.. I believe very strongly that we as the late 50s to 70s born experienced the changes of the world with music how bands shaped fashion, what you stood for, with shaping your life in so many ways thanks to great bands… Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Michal Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Sex Pistols, Fleetwood Mac, John Fogarty, David Bowie was one that changed the fashion and philosophies with many generations through the 7os to the 90s.. in the world of Jazz Lou Armstrong played the trumpet with so much heart and soul, there are so many that helped and do create our world with every generation of life.

Today i listen to all my favourites as right now playing Amy Winehouse she was taken away far to early in life with her choices she made but know one deserves to die through heart break and sadness in their lives i truly felt sadness when she passed away, her voice just makes me feel so good inside with the feeling of being grateful listening to her voice.

Todays music is so different i feel its about just being able to be filthy rich and bring in the very young of todays world, every now and then there comes the singer that sing’s from there heart with bringing the lyrics from there soul, Adele is one that puts you in ora that demands attention to her on stage, with saying this the world has some brilliant artist and bands around with a different style of the music that flows with todays way of living, i look at music for so many things in my life but more than any thing i just love the art of great music that fits my personalty, my philosophies, my sadness, my happiness, loneness, my love and passion for me, what i believe in and don’t believe for what ever suits my moods, feelings, or doing it’s mine and can not be taken away from me in my life.. Love My Collection Of Music As Me For Me.


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