How Long Do You Keep The Enjoyment For Kids.


My best little buddy Kado looks so forward to this weekend and why… Easter.. Now Kado is eight years old and believes in Easter, Christmas, Tooth Fairy and The Magic of Life.

Now he might be eight but he believes in the joy off special day’s and looks forward to those days.. He’s pumped all ready.. lets me know how many sleeps are left before Easter Bunny Lol… ask the question have I been good Pop.. sure have buddy.

I get asked by some parents why do you let him believe in something that’s over killed.. why not kids don’t stay kids forever.. so why should we take something that docent last for ever and let them enjoy it why they’re young.

It’s funny he gets so many Easter eggs we put half in the freezer and then every year we empty it out for the next easter and the dogs mmm I know your not suppose to give the dogs chocolate, what we do is mix it with a tin of pal and they have Choc Pal Lol. My kids believed in Father Christmas Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy until around 10 years old.. we could be pushing it with Kado, through school and on the streets I don’t think it will be long before he saids there is no Easter Bunny Pop.. but if we can get another Christmas this year and see how far we can push it next year Lol.


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