The Kids Of Today.

I remember when i was a young fellow my first push bike was second hand and i had hose inside the two tyre’s instead of tubes i saved up my pocket money for that.. Come to think of it i worked part time selling papers doing the milk round of a night to get my wetsuits, surfboards, and my first car through my first job, it was the hard way but i appreciated and looked after every thing i brought thats for sure.

My kids were very lucky growing up they had two parents both working and were earning a very good dollar so we could afford to buy them so much id say spoil them.. as in spoilt rotten Lol but it didn’t hurt them as they were very appreciative and looked after all their toys and rooms.. Tara still has some of her dolls still in perfect condition.

Kado has just about every thing and i mean every thing between his parents, grandparents and great grandparents, aunties, uncles and all my mates he is very spoilt. Today he been to see Dumbo the movie and Bouncy Castle It’s a big warehouse done out for kids with trampolines, rock climbing, and so much more.. Yesterday i took him out for lunch and then to Shazam the movie.. tonight he going to see A kids show a very lucky boy.

But the great thing is he thanks you all the time, he really does appreciate every thing you do with him, and looks after every thing we buy him. I’m very proud of him and his such a blessing to take out, we all fight grandma, Wade & Toots a few of the uncles and aunts with me who is taking him out and were.. we have a rooster system and the places he goes to so we don’t double up, at the moment there is a fight on who is taking him to Avengers.. No one won as we are all going with him HaHaHa I feel appreciative that Kaiden appreciates every thing we do and take him too.. And as a Father i’m lucky my two kids have set a great example and do so in life with what it takes to be a great kid.


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