Learning To Make A Great Soup.

Well today i feel good and adventures in the art of cooking Lol.. Lucky i’m the only one going to eat it HaHa. I can Cook pretty good i can say iv’e never poisoned any one yet Lol.. My kids are still alive…

I’m going to do a chicken and veggie soup it’s an overcast day not to hot with the atmosphere of relaxation so as i look out the window soup seems to be on the menu.. Soups there are so many good recipes for that particular meal of health.. It is a very healthy meal and it can make you feel so good with the right bowl of ingredient’s..

My mother is Italian lived in Australia all her life but she cooks a lot of the Italian way of cooking as in Lasagna, Pasta Meals, and many more equine meals with the adding of spices with the European flare to her cooking, Mum can cook, when your kids and family offer to buy you a restaurant You can cook. So mum has given me some of her soup recipes to start me off on the right stove Lol.. I love the idea of experimenting especially with cooking, so i’m going to mix my program up a bit for the next month, with The Keto Program still on the menu but in variations of the week with filling in the holes on Soups and the odd sea food meals, will see how i go chef Paul Lol.


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