Just Been Told

Iv’e just received a phone call from father Matt were he was telling me that the Vincent Shire has closed down the Saturday Homeless Lunches.

The reason for this is you need permits, food permits, service permits, function permits, cooking permits and health regulations comes into it as well.

It’s a shame in so many ways that again the government bodies close a cause that helped people out just for a few hours of their lives. What harm were we doing besides looking after the homeless with a decent meal and a chance to have a hot shower to make them feel a bit better in life, in letting them know that it is Gods Way of supporting them. They’re are some very genuine people that put so much time and passion into helping the unfortunate ones on the streets of Perth, that feel they’re been taken away from them a little of their way in providing care to the homeless.

Matty and every one involved.. volunteers, organisers, cooks, shops that provided so this could happen every Saturday well done for such a great cause with your passion and care for the mis unfortunate on the streets of Perth, i personally had the opportunity in helping out a few times and could see what it all meant to you all.. well done guys and again a great thing done in your care, passion and love through helping a small part of society that needed just a few hours of your time that meant so much to them.



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