The Art Off Friendship

Friendship is an important part of life i believe it is, there is that part of being a part of a persons life with women or men. I find my self lucky through out life as i have built some amazing friends over 60 years right from the time i was 8 years old through many years of my life.

I don’t know what it is i have all ways tried to treat my friends with respect and loyalty towards them and understand we all have different personalties, habits good and bad, and different philosophies with life.. some have established them selfs very wealthy in life which i don’t have a problem with at all, they did the hard yards and were in the right spot at the right time.

Most are set up in the every day of life and just what i call cruise, fine with there every day routine which is run by a diary.. As mates we have all gone through hard times good times watched our kids grow into fine young adults, we as friends have watched our kids make mistakes, experiment with the good and bad of growing up in life.

It’s finny how it works the ladies that i have grown up with have the same philosophy friend for life, one thing i don’t understand and do understand is the bond of women when they build friends their loyalty is something to watch and admire.. The girls might not have the numbers in friends or should i say true friends but they go through every pain every happiness and every growth of the bond they build with the friendship, they will discuss every part of there life, they will cry and laugh together they truly show love for the friends they have in their lives.

We’re us men are a bit more secluded in the way we express our feelings and what we are going through with the good and bad in our lives. It’s a well ilastrated with me i won’t go to a male councillor not that i have a problem with him he most probably would do his job well, i go to a female councillor not because i’m trying to get more pity from them i just feel they are better listeners and seem to understand were you are coming from with a little bit more passion towards your problem.

I have found through the years i might not see my army of friends as much as id like to but i know if i knock on the door it opens with warmth and so glad to see me know i have added extra chapters to my life and there’s has grown in some way.. It’s sad and seems to be a part of our society and the way we see it in life now, if you are down and out or have a few problems in life they are there with you in thought and certainly hope with relief when it goes right for you, but the deep chats and being in front of you has disappeared not because they want too it’s because the speed of life with there’s the family, work and commitments of the every day living.

Do i look at friendship as a important part of my life.. i do very mush so from the guys and girls of 30 years plus to the mates i have built a bond from 10 to recent years of my life, we all know were we are and what we are doing and how we are going with the joy, happiness, tough times, sad times, docent matter how far we are apart or the difference in time we are all ways an email, phone call, knock on the door, or a coffee at the Dome.. i thank you for friendship of many long years and know that will be a life long thing, the saying friends aren’t friends for ever is one i certainly don’t believe in and thank life for that.

There is no age barrier in friendship and the bond you can build with it.. this little guy is certainly my youngest and one of my most loyal friends the bond we are building as grandson and pop is something i can cherish and grow with him all my life.. love ya Kado Pops Best little mate.


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