Choice’s Of Life ! Meat Or Vegan.

I find it so amazing that a simple piece of your life, your choice on how you supply your body on the choice of food in your intake to live. I really haven’t a problem on what and how you eat and what you eat, every one in life have and make choice-sees of how we accumulate food, supplements, drinks, drugs what ever it is we as a human we make that choice.

I know a few of my mates their wives or partners are on the vegan program, which i do not have a problem with at all, i have had many a meals over there houses or been to a Vegan restaurant.. stunning meals throughly enjoyed every meal iv’e eaton.. But have i walked out and gone that’s it I’m going to become a Vegan.. I have had many Vegetarian meals and loved them you can cook some brilliant meals with so much taste and cuisine with variations of different recipes as a vegetarian, and again have i raced out to change my ways.

What i’m not happy with is the Vegan protesters what and how there getting the point across is so wrong, going on to famers properties with putting the farmer his family under so much stress and basically putting the farmer in danger, with their protesting. Storming restaurants and the clients, butcher’s fish markets.. the list goes on it’s not right that they are allowed to protest in unfashionable and gross behaviour to people that are helping the public of all ages and sex with the choicesees of the way they want to live with putting the owners of the farms, shops, retail stores lively hood in jeopardy.

There are a few things i don’t like or agree with either, but i make the choice of not buying it or don’t go into that store or as i do bitch and complain about the product the choices the government has made that effects my life in some way, but i don’t put any one’s lively hood or their choice in jeopardy.

People don’t understand they believe by protesting in a gross and unfashionable way it changes things straight away, well i got news for you what it does do get’s peoples back up and goes against them because how the protests are being done and illustrated, its not the subject thats causing such a conflict it’s the way it is being done. I know for a fact if i was in a restaurant with my kids and family and it was stormed in by protesters throwing animal blood all over me and my kids, my manner towards them would not be good at all, i don’t go to a restaurant to be victimised on my choice of the way i live.

Certainly protest on your believes and how you feel it’s wrong with what’s happening into days world, but don’t destroy families, and the lively hood they live and the choice of their careers they have made, you will find that society would take more notice off you done in a peaceful way of protesting, and you would most probably find that some people would agree with your causes and look into eating and bee more healthier in life… Work It Out Seriously Have A Healthy Body And Mind Be Smarter On Your Believes.


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