There Is More To Work.

I find as i get older i look at different things in life in a good way and a bad way, id say not bad but different is the word i’m looking for in a good way.

The variation off ages and personality’s are unique, there are 100 workers plus all work on different shifts as this job works 7 – 24 and i work with different crews every day but getting to know them as we do our shifts.

The younger crew just work to party and try do every thing in a day and know every thing there is not to much they don’t know Lol it’s like how old are you guys, there are the ones that what ever you have done in life they have done better and correct you on statments you make, there harmless but have so much to learn in ways.

Then the older crew are just so down to earth all have they’re hardships and look at life in such a different way to the young ones, they work to live and try to get ahead in life with the experiences of good, sad, hard, enjoyable, sickness and much more. Some have fought the letter we all hate to hear the C word Cancer and have beaten it, loss of loved ones, divorce, break down with their kids, drugs and alcoholics and again defeated the demons in they’re lives.

The interesting thing these ladies and men are just your average down to earth people that understand were they are in life but all looking to improve the quality of it, believe in God and feel there is a meaning to every thing they do in life, not out to harm any one or rip any one off, they come to work to do the best job they can do.. all of the crew are different some are happy and laugh at any thing, some are depressed but don’t try to bring it to work, a few are stress balls it docent take much but you can see it coming, for what ever it is that makes there unique personality they treat me with great respect listen to my stories and values of life and seem to look at me as some one they can have a chat too and a laugh, for me they are a bunch off ladies and men that have good morals, respect, and value the good and bad of life, they certainly don’t try to be some one to please you take them for who and what they are as people and love there family and friends.

With an attitude of every day is good and life is ok could be better in ways.. with the challenge of looking at how they can in prove it. We all work hard and look after your work mates on site as we are dealing with people that are driving through our work sites and have there attitude’s, personality’s, demons, which we don’t know off behind the wheel which can be dangerous for us, but the guys i work with want us all to go home that night with our limbs and body all there and enjoy our family, loved ones, friends and life with this i’m really happy to meet these guys and help me in different ways of life and thank them for who they are as people to work with and build that work mate friendship which helps at what ever job you do in life.


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