Heaven. Lol

Sea Food

What can I say it’s God’s Gift to man kind, I truly believe when I eat a beautiful piece of fish it’s something I really enjoy and know it’s so healthy.

My son and his cousin Tim got a tex on Saturday from a mate of mine Greene the funnest guy with a mouth and I mean that in a good way, fishing is on. Now you might ask why the two boys got the tex instead of me.. simple answer they will fish from dawn to dusk I won’t Lol love fishing and will do for a 3 or 4 hours but not 10 to 14 Lol.

Greene has a huge boat for deep sea fishing handles the ocean and big swells really well, my mate grew up with the boys from the day they were born and they have been his fishing buddies from the day they could walk.

They went out 23 miles just on the border off the ocean shelf, they launched of a place called two rocks which is 4o kms from Perth and going straight out from land is the closer equation to the shelf. Over the years they have collected cray pots and renew there licences every season, I say season as crayfish can only be caught with recreation fishing 3 months of the year.

The boys brought home 4 massive crayfish and around 2 kilos of Black Arse Cod each one of the deluxe fish the ocean, they have such a beautiful taste and aroma for fish. Now I have to say when it comes to cooking sea food Wade is on to it he really knows how to cook it. We did the crayfish as picking food, which was done with herbs and a dash of lemon, Mmmm, with the Black Arse Cod cooked at a slow heat with again herbs and a dash of lemon as the main meal with salad.

Id say one off the healthest meals that you can eat is sea food and there are so many variations of it, and I will say it seems so much nicer and taster when its fresh out of the ocean, if I could afford it I would be living off it but as so many things in life when you love something the price tag go up, ill finish with today I got out of bed feeling good and not a sluggish man why you ask I know that last night I ate a slice of Heaven knowing if I could eat that every day how healthy would I be, thanks Greene I see the boys aren’t doing to much on Sunday Lol.


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