The Internet Side Of Love

One thing i have experienced a few times over the years is the Internet Dating. I would say i have looked through it at least three times since being divorced, would i call it interesting, or would i say it has the right per jazz i’m not sure i think i would call it sad in one way.. why would i say that phrase.

The first time i looked at internet dating was around 12 years ago, the site i was on was pretty professional in a way they have rules which is fair enough as you need to protect both sex on it as there is some strange ones on of the both sex. I met a couple of ladies for a coffee and a chat but thats as far as it went.. i feel it’s certainly not the same when you chat on line and then meet in real life, one lady had a photo up on site when she was 10 years younger Lol it’s amazing how people can change in 10 years.

I find there are genuine people that are really looking for love on the net and then there the ones genuine very lonely people and look for the companionship of the net as it gives them confidence knowing they can feel friendship as they might chat to the same people. Or there is the ones like me that has set up with a lady from the other side of the world being chatting and exchanging deep conversations and that word Love comes into the picture when they ring you direct and tell you how much their waiting to be with you, i was with that lady for over a year on the net every night and spare time i had, and when it come down to bringing her over i was scammed over $8000.00 dollars, to her credit a lot of work on her behalf making me believe, and more fool me for thinking that i had found love coming my way.

Ive been on it a few times since then and i don’t know couldn’t get into it id say the trust thing had payed a big diffident, and even this weekend i thought id have a browse, i don’t know but i felt there is really sleazy people on there, and you explain what your looking for in a relationship, friendship and close companionship with a lady for them to say there not ready yet Bye Lol.. I don’t want to sound like i’m a dick or i feel i’m too good and above every one.. as i don’t.. what i do feel it’s not what i want and not what i’m looking for.. i don’t know it’s the way i feel my self personal feeling is it’s like the desperation of trying to find a women in my life. Im not sure but i’m not loosing sleep over it nor am i getting down with it, i’m not going that way with not being comfortable myself, it does work for a lot of women and men and works well, one off my mates married through the internet and is really happy.. so it does work Not for me though..


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  1. I really don’t believe in the Internet dating or love. I also don’t understand the concept of love at first sight for me it’s just infatuation. I guess we fall in love with when we spend time together in years. When we expect the person at is, when we are our true self in front of that person. There is nothing like formality in that relationship.

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