The Let Downs In Life.

Even at 60

You get let down with different things in life i’m experiencing that wright at this moment again.. today i find to trust the word of a person and even a signed contract means nothing these days.

There is a thing called loyalty well back a few 20 years there was, if you worked for a company and they looked after you in return you gave them respect and loyalty followed by make sure you did the right by them… be punctual by starting time, do the work in a professional manner, do the extras to make sure the job was done on time and the client was happy, go in sick if the work was to be finished but more than any thing show respect for the company that you are working for.

Sadly to say it’s the opposite way now a company only looks at you as a number, do as and just do it if you don’t like it there is the gate. Well I’m experiencing it again i’m getting told your doing a great job and learning really quick.. the photos above is one of my set up’s on a round about the other day, had a safety inspector drive through it, rang head office and complemented the site as a perfect set up.

Those road safety officers can make life really hard for you if the site is wrongly set up.. I go back to the yard and pats on the back how good the job was and the set up was spot on. Moral of this i was told i’m working the weekend, wrapped that’s were the money is and could do with it believe me, i get a tex yesterday no work the weekend and Monday after doing a 4 hour induction at home on my own time for this job for the weekend.

So i’m a little puzzled at the moment do the right thing for the last month working on minimum shifts but hanging in with a good attitude at work and jumping at every opportunity given, and 1 tex message and the fucking respect for me and just a number rears it’s head and the company shows me that yes you are just a number, so what does a number do… takes it / just takes it.. as the number knows through the last 12 months how hard it is to get work… i do understand there got to spread the work but don’t understand when you are told how well your picking up and doing the job with every one really enjoy working with you, and why not i’m the easiest guy to get along with. Lol thats what i think and will stand by that.

It’s the younger generation and the ones coming behind them that i really feel sorry for as the company’s can do and treat as they feel, you would think the way i did, when i employed workers i’d look after them as good people are so hard to come by… just to get them to work every day and do a full one is a start these days, to show loyalty, respect and do the work with a professional attitude is a blessing… we have legislation’s, Work Trade Agreement’s, Fair Wrights Commission, Ombudsman for just about every thing form mobile phones electric goods, Fair Trade, Disclamation Board, Discrimination and Equal Wrights Commission.

So what does all those government establishments mean when it comes to workers, besides the CEO and board members getting payed 6 figures per year and all the perks with making obesity looking like we really do have a problem in there 2000 dollar leather chairs.. Fuck all a company can treat you to a degree the way they want as long as it’s with in the rules designed by the body’s.

Like they can’t bully, call ya fat, or a colour, or grab ya breast if your a women call you names that men hate in life as long as there seen given you certain hours supply a shirt and pants which is the uniform and tax deductible with a smile towards your face with every good morning all is good.. Mmmm i don’t know if it’s just me and my easy way off my depression these days when i feel things aren’t going right… or are the society of the work force as in company’s and mangers understand that they can basically show no respect to the workers as there are two walking in the door for every one that walks out, right or wrong its the future in our life of the workforce.


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