Im Honoured.

Every now and then something good happens in life and docent have to be money or winning a car they would be good though.. as I think about it, but it’s just something I believe in.

A gentlemen by the name of Henry Day has taken Wade and my self under his wing as the saying goes.. and it’s a solid one at that Lol. I met Henry a few years a go I was introduced by Scotty to him, talked about what my plan was with strength & conditioning programs with AFL, Rugby, Track an field and many other sports through this I started to lease his gym and we built up a great friendship with it.

Henry’s helped me a lot when I was down and out last year going through depression and low esteem with the lack of feeling confident with the man I know I am. I fell away with the gym lost clients just wasn’t in the right head space to help my self let know any one else, after several phone calls I finally answered the phone with Henry went in and had a chat with him, we did what we call bargaining I clean the gym twice a week and he would fill up my car and offer free membership.

Well 2 months down the track I was getting asked the question in a polite way ( are you doing something about your health Paul ) the same answer Yea Yea would come from the mouth of I’m on to it Lol. Short Storie I started the Keto Program 6 weeks ago and starting to feel the benefit with it, Wade and I a couple weeks a go started some training at the gym enough to get a reasonable work out. I sat down with Henry yesterday and put together a very good program for the first month and then we take it up a level and worked on the same deal just with 1 clean a week.

I commenced the program last night with Wade and it’s excellent through working in with Henry together we set up a very intense and strong program, which i’m going to go through it on the Health & Nutrition side of my web page.

The great thing is I’m going forward even if it is small steps at a time, but also every now and then some one walks into your life that you don’t realise at the time but they seem to be there for a purpose with your life, one out of 5 could be the one you don’t want in your life but the last few years with me I seem to be meeting the right people from AFL umpires or on the street and through a transaction to help you in some way..

Each New Day Is A New Opportunity To Improve Yourself. Take It And Make The Most Of It.



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