Been A While.

It’s been a long time since i have looked at my photography portfolio. Through the blog i did last night i hat to have a peak.. call it reminisce or just looking, it made me a bit sad but all so i understand there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, and have gone forward in different directions well and truly.

With sports photography facial expressions and body language can tell the story of the results and what it meant to the athlete involved.

That was certainly a highlight of my life to win this prestgious award against all the paper photographers is something i will all ways cherish in my life.. Won the 1994 as well.

I worked for several sporting magazines as a freelance photography on the average you would receive $50.00 a photo so if you got a few into each addition that was good, but the one i all ways tried for the front cover on the average that was worth $250.00 and it would put your name out as being recognised as a good photographer in the field of sports.

Every now and then you were in the right place at the right time.

The basketball can be such a great game to get outstanding shots, the photo in the middle caused a bit of controversy i won the award for outstanding portrait in sports so the judges saw what i did the shear upper power in her body strength.. The baseball one was excellent again in the right spot and timing it’s one in a thousand of a bat snapping going towards the crowd.. You will notice HBF on his helmet they are a massive company through Australia in health insurance that was a huge one for me with being Perth Heat’s major sponsor .. posters, cards, flyers the slogan was ( Are You With HBF ) Lol No.

Drags was massive with the racing and car enthusiasts especially in Australia and USA a photo of this intense moment sold for around 2 years for me it was one of my most sold photo’s i ever shot.

It is truly an amazing position to have or work in as a photographer, i tried weddings every now and then didn’t like it that much kids, animals and sports was were i really found my skill in photography, Im not bragging there are outstanding photographers through out the world but it would be the most enjoyed job iv’e ever done and loved being in the atmosphere of the most talked, controversial, exciting, picturesque, and amazing people in the field i have ever been a part of and i thank any one and every one for those years so i could live out my biggest dream of my life.



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