Try and Keep Away From It.

It’s funny you know i love the food i’m showing nothing like a good hamburger could have it with chips loaded with salt and pancakes yum i’m drooling just thinking about it. Why did this subject come up we were working across the Rd from Mac Donald’s and a take away burger place and a few other come and get fat take away places.

I have to admit as i ate my small tub of strawberries, 1 banana and drank my liter of water there was that odd off thought going through my head with how nice would a burger be right now mmm yummy yummy i have put on more weight with my tummy it smelt so nice and inviting… but then i looked carefully there were a lot of clients that really didn’t need those burgers and chips to add to their diet, and there were clients i would say docent matter what they ate their metabolism through the body was all in good oder to put no weight on.

As i get older i find it’s so easy to put the weight on and very hard to get it off, i have all ways been reasonable fit and conscious of my eating habits but the last year as i went through a bad year and felt a bit sorry for my self i deterred and put on 17 kilos which wasn’t good.. I understand the hard work it’s taking to shred the fat, but i also do very substantially know that there is so much good healthy food in the market and brilliant recipes with meals because of the heart foundation and many other nutrition councillors with the idea of being healthy into day’s living is worth putting in the effort to life.

Health is not about the weight You lose. But about the life you gain.


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