A Little Bit Of Advise Goes A Long Way.

Have you ever thought of something that you would love to do and feel it’s something that you need to do. But lack the confidence and understanding of what is needed to start your project. I have sat down and gone over the things in life i have done with success and failure, With me it’s not the success of money.. There have been opportunities were i could have made it in the terms of being comfortable in other words ( pay the bills when they come in ) enjoy life with some little things that spoil you for your effort. But it can be taken away from you with in seconds.

Short story i went and did a diploma in photography and specialised in sports photography after 4 years i was working for all the major sports in Perth.. Basketball Wild Cats.. AFL Eagles.. Rugby League Western Reds.. Baseball Perth Heat.. Cricket Warriors.. surfing, drag racing, and many other sports, i had a round 40,000 dollars of camera gear doing it full time my dream and passion with sports.. Little did i know a very good mate of mine was a heroine addict new my house back wards. I haven’t seen him in 25 plus years hat to give it up couldn’t replace the expense of the gear, i don’t do any camera work haven’t done since that night.. just for my self now.

I have done a lot of things in my life that have succeeded and been taken away from me with different things or just made the wrong choice that cost the project dearly.

One project iv’e all ways wanted to do is write a book on my life with my adventures, my careers in the work force, the sports that i’ve played, coached or worked in, bringing up my kids as a single parent, my love in life and just me as a person.. But it’s one that is only going too cost me my time to write it and do the research on chasing people that have some stories to go with it. I have a gentlemen from across the world giving me advise and tips were and how to start with the book. There are some questions id like to ask if any one would like to offer some advise or tips would be much appreciated truly grateful with any tips on writing a book.

It docent matter if it takes me 3 months 9 or a year to get too finish the book or half way through it.. as with this i can write from the soul and i believe no one can take this away from me because it’s about my life in the 60 years of it, good or bad with just enjoying writing on the life of an average guy and the people with the adventures that made his life.. Me.


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