Time To Change Up.

They say a change up in life is good for you which can help your life style and mind and that could be anything, from new Job, Change of Address, Car, Clothes, Pay, Partner so many things can mean that the change is good for you.. not trying to be negative but it might go the opposite way ( some times the grass is not all ways greener on the other side of the hill. )

Well i know my veggies are greener and I’m happy with that, i’m on the Keto Diet.. Love it but i need to change it around and study the program a bit more so i can.. It is a good program and yes I’ve lost some weight but i’ve come to a standstill in one way which is through how to change the variation of ( chicken, steak, lamb, salads, veggies & meal shakes ) The other thing is i need to work on the fitness side more.. here i go and hate it.. but i work long days.. excuses, excuses.. been up since dawn.. i’m tired.. Lol.. excuses excuses.

I find it amazing in some ways how we have to work with our lives and keep looking how to improve it, as i get older i really are starting to realise the work thats needed and does it hurt me at all.. no it improves the quality of life. My mum and dad should be an inspiration to me for the ages of 90 & 80 the way they move around and their minds are still at a good level, and that comes down to the style of life they live.. we all make choices again it’s the won we can make were we can move forward or go backwards, so tonight i’m having Satay Chicken and Veggies with a trip to the gym tomorrow i need to be Healthy – Wealthy & Wise mmm 1 out off 3 is a start.

Mum and dad



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