Learnt So Much.

I have to admit i learnt so much about my dad last night at his presentation of what he has achieved and done for cycling in 4 decades of his life. Dad started to get involved in racing at the age of 14 and loved it right from the start and started to be known for his dedication and hunger to be a champion in the sport.

One of the things that really surprised me was his out standing memory of his races and the people he rode with at the sweet age of 90, he could tell you the date, day and weather with how he rode and who against.. When dad rode from Sydney to Perth as soon as he got here he joined Fremantle cycling club with an instant hit, he all ready built up a reparation as a fierce and great competitor back home in Sydney.

Not only was his racing at the highest standard so was his personality, and the willingness to work and help other cyclist, through this he built up a life of long lasting friendships and being admired through Perth for his riding and the person he was with the sport of cycling.. Dad represented the W.A state team with Track and Road racing, won many big rides that helped W.A win numerous state titles in the sport.

I feel the great part of this was the amount of cyclist young and old that come to listen to the history of John Mcgrath and the quietness and interest of the room listening to the history of racing told from a man that created his own legacy and history in his racing. He told many stories a lot i was learning through being there, i could see what it meant to dad with 2 in particular of what he felt were his best races were and what they meant to him with the crackle in his voice and the tears starting to swell but all so the smile of being a part of something special in his life.

At a time when the great Nullarbor of Australia was half bitumen and half gravel and mud dad decided he would casually ride to Perth, as you can see on the bike was the amount of his supplies for the ride Lol.. i haven’t a problem at all when someone rides 3000 miles it is truly a massive effort, but in today’s rides the amount of trucks, support crews and media is amazing.. Dad rode on his own no support crew and not much media coverage not too much with supply’s mainly biscutes and powdered milk with just the enjoyment of riding 100 miles a day on his passion and love for the bike.

To finish off dads bikes and riding gear have been restored by Robert Frith and placed in the City Of Belmont, W.A Historical Cycle Club’s Museum’s which is certainly an honour and great respect towards dad.. Ive all ways loved and been so proud of my dad for the person and the father he is and been all of my life, but all so very proud to learn and understand dads outstanding career as a cyclist and a person that has and still is greatly admired for his contribution to a sport of many year with his love and desire to a sport that has been his life.

Myself at 60 years of age i was very honoured to be a part of dads night with him being recognised for his contribution to the sport of cycling, i all so learnt about my father of what he achieved and the man he is and what it meant to people young and old with being a part of his legacy, and for my grandson Kaiden.. his great grandson to witness his grandad telling him the history of his life was something ill never forget for the rest of my life.. The other great thing is being able to show people through out the world some small history in truly a great sport of Australia and the world off Cycling.


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  1. Wow, that’s great to know. Cycling play important role in my family also. Once my brother law covered 2100 km by cycle in 20 days. I guess i have written blog on same in 2017. Amazing work by your DadπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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