Im Thinking.

I’m thinking on some situations in my life were iv’e gone and what i’m doing and how i feel about it… don’t really know it’s funny how you believe your starting to go ahead in life and then the brakes are put on.

For whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved.

I chat with my son but not as much as we should and that’s pretty strange seem we live in the same house, but we are two different people in the way we think and look at situations in front of us and hour philosophies in life are very different, Wade can be very dark some times.. we both think very deep about life.. we both do not chat in the morning at least i won’t until i have my coffee HaHa Lol.. Moral of all this i love my son and i’m learning that because we are father and son docent mean we are the same in personalty far from it, we do think differently and maybe because of the age our out look on life can be so different.. but all good.. we will both learn.

It took my dad and me a long time to build up a bond between us it really started when we had Wade.. he believed i matured in life.. i believe i shot live ammo Lol.

I brought the kids up when they were 10 & 7 and their still with me both have shifted out and come home.. Tara come with Dallas her husband and dew to have Kaiden.. Wade had some bad luggage that took a while to see our point that she was certainly not the lady for his long term future.

My daughter is different again we get on like the mum & daughter sort of way Lol.. we have our blues but she is very caring and has such a good heart with people and kids..

Bring up your kids is so different into days ways of being a parent we seem to be closer to our kids from the start with were my parents i sort of grew with them if that makes sense.. were as we all have got older we have got to build a strong bond.. it’s funny even with the kids 30 and late 20s we still work on the friendship, understanding, of being a close family i certainly believe we are one of the lucky ones were close and pretty tight when comes to being a family i’m grateful for that as a parent and their friend.


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