Finally Dads Being Recoanized For 50 Years As A Champion.

Tomorrow night is a night i’m going to enjoy throughly to see my dad finally be recognised through the W.A Historical Cycle Club For his contribution to cycling for over 50 years as the Road and Track champion for many years.

I remember as a young fellow dad worked in a iron foundry as the furnace men very hard work i worked there for 5 years as a moulder it was like working in the dark old days the only thing the boss didn’t have was a whip in his hand Lol.. then dad would jump on the bike after work and ride up too 40 miles for training he would put at least 200 miles in a week for training.. they didn’t have the programs they have to day dad just put the miles into the legs with hill rides that cars would stubble to get up Lol.

I remember dads last road race, he was going on mid 50s still super fit he did the Beverley to Perth Rd Race, that day was so bad with the weather a very demanding 80 miles of Rd. Dad was strugling with the weather and the demand of the race, at one stage mum was walking with him letting him know there is no descries if he quits…

It’s funny with athletes were pride and the will to finish kicks in as it did with dad, he finished the race around 7 at night every one had gone the race finished around 5pm i was so proud of dad he was so determined to finish he was disappointed to feel no one was there at the finish line for him, they all come back and made sure that dad had the opportunity to officially finish the race, he was a man that had so much determination and pushed his body well above what the body was designed for to finish every race he rode.

I’m so proud of dad and mum which is another story but to be there tomorrow night to watch him to be recognised as a true champion is something that i will never forget especially to see dad’s face when he receive his award.. Love ya dad and well done buddy.

Life is like Riding a Bicycle In Order To Keep Your Balance, You Must KEEP MOVING.


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    • Yea mum ran her first marathon at 50 years old never did any sports she become over 50s champion for years.. my brother was a powerlifter.. younger sister went all over the world running marathons she did the London,South Africa, Boston and New York my older sister is a fitness guru she trains 5 days a week watches every crumb of food she eats Lol so yea we all loved and still do our sports.

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