Sports Helps People In Life

Sports all over the World can be the medicine to cure so many problems with individuals, families, friends, partners, groups of all culture’s and religion. When times can be down or even on a high in life, with their passion and belief in the club and sport they follow.. they dream and relate to they’re team being champions and the end of season and many years of the club.

Sports can give society a vocal point of all ages and all cultures from the very young to the very old they all have there favourite club, players, greatest wins, pressure games, the best athlete’s to represent they’re country, city, region and the club. The sadness of a loss the over joy of winning or beating the next door rival club, the individual sports that can carrie their country on their shoulders as an athlete.

Sports can bring so much money into a Country, City or region it can create work for people with the event at the time, it creates a great felling of enjoyment, anticipation’s of how it will fold out and who will be crowned champions. I feel the greatest opportunity with sports is how it can give the young that participate with sports is the feeling of being a part of what they might be missing out at home, teaching them to gain confidence, friendship, to be a part of a team, learning the art of loosing and winning, develop a good mental approach to life, how to work with people, learn the word of respect, develop the skills of using the body watching it develop with confidence.. Understanding life in so many ways it might not be your ticket to earning a living but it will help in so many ways with your life in being a better person to yourself, family, friends, and the people around you.

I might not as a person be in a great position in life at the moment but it’s improving all the time.. what i do have is many years of playing AFL at a high level winning 12 Grand finals – Loosing 8 – 5 Fairest & Best for the season’s, Coaching Afl for 30 years with the highest level of colts, coaching seniors into 4 Grand Finals – Juniors of 3 – going back to Uni getting my year 12 and diploma in sports, nutrition, psychology, working with athletes in all sports and ages in high performance, strength and conditioning and development but the greatest thing of all this was the person it made me today in helping me with so many challenges in my life, the memories i have that can never be taken away from me, the rewards of being a part of something special, watching kids grow into great people of society, and the friendship that i have gained with so many people and still do so today..

Sports is a disease a passion can be a life for some people but for what ever it is we have all played at some level with a sport in a team or an individual, You might have played for years or still playing and some way could be involved or just love the couch on a Saturday afternoon some where in your life you have been a part of sports in some way which has made you feel over joyed, put a smile or a tear on your face, made and met new friends for what ever it is sports can be one of the most powerful tools in todays society all over the world good or bad, it dose not matter what’s happening over the world it’s a huge part of life and will be for so many years to come through out the world.


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