A Simple Day”Create’s A Great Day.

It’s amazing some of the most relaxed and best days are the one’s I don’t plan.. today was one of them. Sitting at home just cruising along… I see my little mate in the hall as we slide past each other.. Kado want go to the movies buddy.. yea pop.. were gone an off to see Fighting with the family.. excellent worth seeing.

Then dropped Kaiden back at home off to catch up with my mate Matty at the Dome… don’t get to catch up with my mate as much as we should but he is busy and has a wife to look after mmm wife what are they I have heard that word so many times.. any way another story Lol.

Matt works a lot with the homeless and people that really need help in life he has such a good heart and really puts himself out to make sure that their looked after and going in the right direction.. But if I had one criticism with Matt not his work and how well he treats people.. it’s that he helps every one else and sometimes he needs to step back and look after him self and work with his life a bit more.

I’m so glad that Matt and I met 4 years ago, i’m coaching and his umpiring the game I’m coaching… and from that day on we have just clicked, with that Matt has supported my kids and family and friends, he does this as well as works on the streets as a Apostle and a very good one with that. Just a simple day but a good one at that and I thank you Kaiden and Matt for making it that.


3 responses to “A Simple Day”Create’s A Great Day.”

    • I’m Paul I was with Matt but all good seriously.
      I was coaching many sports for strength & Conditioning, high performance, and development coach I’m haven a season off as iv’e done it for 30 years straight need to take a break for 12 months I was burning out..but all good.
      And thank you for your support Anjali I certainly appreciate it.

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