Wittnessing The Changes Of The World.

Today i choose Life. Every Morning when i wake up i can choose, Joy, Happiness, Negativity, Pain, Sadness, Loneliness, & Love.. To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – Today i choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.

I look at the changes of my life over the years, i have gone through changes that created life to were i am today. There are certainly no regrets in any way.. could have made different choice’s or gone different lines of direction but what choice’s i have made… makes me for who i am and have been today.

I have seen so many changes in Music, Fashion, Technology, Building Structures, Beaches, Rivers, City’s, all in the name of process for the future. I remember black and white TV were it started 9.am and finished with God save The Queen at 10.pm, were now it runs 7 – 24, colour, over 30 stations or if you have Fox a 100 stations, the word f**k in a movie is a part of the english word now, from there we have the social side of computers and phones with F.B, Instagram, Twitter and many more, Todays kids of 5 years of age can work a computer, my first phone was called a brick took 2 of us to carrie it and work it.

How we have changed in moving forward with cars, my first car was a holden station wagon 3 gears column shift $1200 dollars of the floor now i pay 30,000 plus get half the years out of it… So many changes Planes are bigger faster.. Trains do 200 mph.. Ships carrie 3000 passengers.. Guns carrie more ammo shoot more direct.. Bomb’s can demolish a city of 10 million.. 33% of the world are in war or poverty or are constantly searching for water, Natural disasters are more common and we do not have a problem with Climate Change.

Kids have forgot the meaning of the word’s respect, thank you, kindness, please.. The morals of life.. We as a society and the government too goods who make the rules ( There will be no punishment on thou kids if thou are naughty ) seriously my old man brought me up as many of us would have experienced in life around my age ( The Iron Fist ) and i thank my parents for that as i do respect all lives of culture, the art of how to love and appreciate what i have in life, the understanding of human tragedy and the understanding we are all different as people good or bad.

Were Are We Going As A World Of Society’s.

As a kid growing up sports has changed the money, advertising, what a game can mean to the City, People in some parts of the world even if they don’t have the average things in life they will have their membership for the season, what it means to Countries and how it can make athletes millionaires or alcoholics, drug adits or just destroy their lives but it’s all a part of human lives, the power and greed excepts the changes as it can make a City or Country, the importance of winning is the key to make or break a club or athlete.

When we were going through our teens drugs on the street where known and started to be a part of growing up, an ounce of Marijuana was $30.00 dollars we would go thirds, the odd speed, trips were for the big nights Lol Cocaine was for the rich and upper class or just brought Beer, Bourbon or Stones Green Ginger Wine for 2 dollars a bottle Lol it was called the cheap wipe out. Now we have Crack, Crystal Meth or common name Ice, Ecstasy all drugs that destroy lives, families, businesses, turn the most beautiful human being man or women in to the scum of society in which is happening all over the world, again its money, greed, power with no morals to what it’s doing to the people that have a drug problem in their lives i’m so sad to see what is happening with the younger generation of today.

I remember getting up for work and my son glued on to the TV i asked him what are you watching buddy, as a little fellow he answers for what he sees… a war movie dad.. i look and i’m watching the start of the world to come 9-11 and many more to come through out the world. So many lives destoryed or lost, kids that are brought up as a normal life with it. Senseless killings with guns in schools, cinemas, shopping centres, churches, mosques.. with cars or trucks full loaded with bombs or just plowing through the crowds on the streets.

And yesterday we witnessed another senseless slaying of 44 people and maybe more with the injured, i just don’t understand were we are going in this world with hatred and the art of killing inssant people women children for what, because their fulled with hatred or had a bad upbringing in life and so high on drugs all the time the devil makes them do it.. the most common one is religion, i’m lost with that one if you kill and injurer lives god will except you.

I do not hate any religion or culture of this world or even the person that has done some really bad things to me through my life, i keep away from them and do not want them to be a part of mine or my kids, family, friends and grandson’s life. I will protect my kids family and friends if it meant standing in to fight for them and their safety of their lives, kill i can’t cut a chooks head of for dinner, Eye for an Eye not sure i hope i’m never put in that situation.

What i can’t understand what is the meaning of life is a human’s life worth nothing, why do we set out to kill people for the rights of god, revenge, sickness.. or just fucked up people for what ever reason.. it really does sadden me to see what i have witnessed in my 60 years of life, and what is coming for the rest of my life.. To see my kids, grandson and the younger generation knowing it’s not going to get better for there future.. Were is the 60s.. were life was Love, Drugs, Sex, Peace and rock and roll, might not be the right solution but after the tragedy that happened in N.Z yesterday as nations and people we need bring the power of love, happiness, kindness, with the smile to people from your heart.. I would like to witness a world of change into a world that brings happiness into lives.. Sad to think the changes i have seen in 60 years is not going to change for the better but the worse, as humans and parents we just keep moving to better our lives and helping our kids to better theirs and learn to grow with our world with it’s direction of were it’s going in the future of life.


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