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A Big Week For Me. Lol

Its been a big week for me in working the body, Saturday a casual ride with my best little mate Kado of 15 Kms.. Sunday to the gym with Wade it’s good in one way the challenge he is putting in front off me with the work out, i keep reminding him his half my age… then he throws in my face Dad don’t make excuse it’s a sign of weakness and smiles.. mmmm my favourite phrase when coaching.

Monday Night 90 minute session Tuesday Night the same change up of program Wednesday through my new position i have to do letter drops to business and homes walked 15.5 Kms Lol can’t remember the last time these little pistons did that.. I have to do again today… Remember You do not have to do big weights to have a good session what we are working on is Low weights high volume in reps… works well great way to loose weight, the week hasn’t finished yet but really enjoying working out with my son and riding with my grandson but more than any thing enjoying exercising again.


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