Is There A Turning Point

In Life sometimes we wonder and ponder of what we’re doing and were we are going which is good if you’re going in a good direction, i believe i am small steps at a time but in a good way.

Shire Wk Footpaths.

Every day I’m meeting so many good people with a lot of character with in, a gentlemen yesterday i met he’s a truck driver for the shire but what a funny guy, he showed me his trip to France recently it was interesting as i said to him at the end off it, buddy you just saved me 2000.00 dollars plus i don’t have to go to Paris, Lol Lucky i hat to go back to work as Rome was next.

Moral of this …. every day i’m meeting just every day good people that enjoy life have adventures and problems just like every one else with there dreams and passions with the understanding that life experiences help with the challenge’s of every day living, they don’t realise how much their helping me in some small way i thank them for that so much HaHa. Thanks Guys.


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