So Who Know’s

We’re and what is happening in life.. or the meaning of life.. what do you get through it. Do your dreams and goals all ways achieve. How do we way up life.. Is it the material of wealth you have.. The success in life.. The love of your life.. Or how hard you have done life..

For what ever way you have lived life or living life.. Has it been a good and have you enjoyed it.. Is there more to it.. Should you have done more.. Could you have succeeded more in life.. Can i say myself have i achieved every thing i wanted to do in life, is there more to what i could have done in life, do i understand my life.

The jigsaw of life.

Your life can be like a jigsaw it takes you all your life to put the pieces together that last piece is the day your lowered into the ground.. Some off us spend all our lives helping others in there life, or we just spend most of our life keeping a live.. I do believe were your born into day’s world and society is the very start to your life..

If your born in a war world country, or poverty through out the region, governments that rule your life with every decision you make from the day you were born it can make life very hard from the start, compared to been born into a country that is thriving in the economy and your parents are very well set up in life, have you made your life by studding and getting a degree to find the job that can set you up, or are you going the hard way through no choices of your’s or have you made the wrong choices and spent half of yours behind bars, or just been in the right place at the at the right time and being with the right person. For what ever way it happens at the end of it all have you achieved every thing you wanted to in life.

Life can be Black & White.

For me i can unseemly say at this moment of my life ( no i haven’t ) I’m very much know that i want more in life, does that mean greed ( no ) to be more comfortable yes.. to be loved and love again is something i’m missing so much in my life right at this moment, my biggest phobia is dyeing on my own love my kids and family but i don’t want them caring for me in my last few days of life, i want to see some of the world there are so many places i would like to see in different cultures with there living and happiness they can spread, to write my book one day so people understand me, my friends, family the experiences i have in life, i just want to be happier with what iv’e achieved and the things i have done and need to do, to grow in life knowing the day when it comes i’m happy with the jigsaw that has taken me all my life to put together is one with the good and bad i have enjoyed with no regrets.


4 responses to “So Who Know’s”

  1. You are right! Life can be black & white or full of colours, colours we choose … Everybody wants to love and be loved, but in my opinion, everything starts with what a person starts giving to himself, for loving yourself you can love All. You should not wait for one day to start your book, start writing it today, little by little every single day. It is a way you show yourself how much you love yourself and others, for all we All have for sure, is the day of today. Sorry, I am a straightforward person! 🙂 May all your dreams come true! Manuela

    • Manuela please don’t apologise i have taken in your message and really appreciate your honesty. Yes what i would do to be able to love a women and to be loved would be a massive part of my missing link in life, o well and yes im taking your advise im starting my book to day… any advise please i would listen there is no worries..well any way Manuela thank you again and please have a chat every now and then or be my strongest critic please.
      Have a good day

      • You are more than welcome, Paul!
        And you are right, and I can say that for I walked that path myself. I started learning to love myself a few years ago, when realising that nobody is more or less valuable, for we all are born with the same rights. If there is anything I can help with, please follow my contact page. I would like to know more about your book! 🙂
        Have a good day every day,

      • sorry Manuela i cant find your contact page mmm it’s just me i think but any way. And thank u again for your support Manuela much appreciated.

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