Different Line Off Work.

First Week

Council Clean Up.

T E A M.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Lane Work.

The good thing with this new position is every day is different with the work you do / the other one that makes it worth while is you really need to work as a team, from the contractors that your working with to your group of workers that are doing the job.

The other part of this position is the response from the motorist behind the wheel most of it’s good, there the ones that smile, or give the thumbs for ok, acknowledgement with just a slight movement of the head, then there’s the lip read quiet clear F.U – G.F – W – Or plain middle finger.

I have some comments being put my way – get a real job clown – I’m late for work – are you for real mate – most of it’s good around 90% of your motorist understand your just doing your job and looking after them so there are no accidents – 5% are annoyed but content it has to be done and make the roads safer – 3% have got the shits with this happening but just sit and stare ahead waiting to drive on – 2% have a bad life or are having a bad day and take the frustrations out on you , or they don’t know any better in life there just humans that have no respect, understanding, morals, decency for people or most things in life.

If you take all that away the job is Ok you move around a lot not in the same area twice, getting to know the areas of Perth a lot more, getting to work with some really good people that just do their job, do it well and as professional as they can at the end of the day every one is trying to earn a dollar to pay the next bill – and to have a bit more in life.

It’s full on from the start to the end – time just goes.


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