Are We At A Good Level Of Health.

I’m certainly not one that can not knock any one when it comes to fat, enormous, or common terminology obesity, and i understand that if i had taken my shirt off it would have caused a major panic, it wouldn’t have been good Lol. Pulled off down at the beach that’s all ways pictrest 90% of the year, and she was packed there was so much happening with all the family, kids, on the beach and in the water.

What i did notice.. i’m not the only one that needs to improve in there body shape and with their inner body yes quite a few off us seriously need to help our selfs or get help. The interesting thing with this private survey of mine some people had a tricked mirror like you see in fairs that seem to make ya look really skinny, or there mirrors were not honest, or people thought that they didn’t have a problem the way they were strut-ten around mmmm interesting.

The way i see my self and know that i have a problem, Mirror of mine doesn’t lie unless it’s fully pulling pranks on me, go to by new clothes and i have gone up 3 sizes in 2 months, I go to by a pie from the bakery and my conscious steps in with the phase ( do you need that ) If i was true to myself and loved me the answer would be ( no i don’t need it ) that makes me understand i have a problem is when i’m haven a shower and my little mate is bone dry when i’m finished.

OBESTY is a major problem in Australia id say pretty much around the world its a problem that creates a lot problems with the inner body off all ages, an like in Australia it’s a problem that has been recognised with the Goverment, Heart Foundation and doctors through out Australia. I’m working on it but such a slow and hard process as you get older the body seems to expand at a rapid rate.. slow very slow in reverse, i know Rome wasn’t built in a day my body seems to be on the same phrase.


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