A Great Weekend In A One Second Decision.

My Daughter was all ready down South with hubby and son, My son wakes me early Sunday morning dad do you want to come down South to catch up with Howie, Tara and that are all ready there.

The view from Howie’s Porch.

Great drive 3 hours out of the city going south of Perth, its funny how there is all ways a catch with a spilt decision, Wade had been on night shift and dad is on drive shift fair enough id say, or i’m just a great dad as it wasn’t a problem.

On the beaten track

Well on arrival and only a day to do a lot of things with the kids and Howie, went up to 3 bears, Papa, Mama and baby a well know surfing location through out Australia.. being a long weekend it was pretty full of surfers and photographers taken shots of some pretty good surf earlier.

A great wave when it’s on.

We had a great day went to a lot off spots for rock climbing, swimming and 4 wheel driving, South does have a lot to offer if you live there or just being a tourist or ways something to do.

Canal Rocks

Stunning coast in a small part of Western Australia.. it doesn’t matter how many times i go there each time i still love the coast, and think how luck we are to see it every time.


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