The Beach Makes A Great Ride.

Early morning drive turns into an early morning ride, a great way to start the day. Not sure how many have to been to Perth in Western Australia, if you have there could be an agreement we have some stunning beaches a long our coast of WA.

As i ride a long can certainly picture the early days, the beach was my second home it didn’t have the high rising buildings or the coffee shops that cost you and arm and a leg just to sit in there, it had a great atmosphere around on the sand in the water and Peters by the Sea, White Sands and Scarborough Hotel were the places to be.

Today the girls are wearing near nothing for there walks and runs i don’t see that as a problem a bit distractive Lol a lot any way as i ride a long there is so much happening for the early morning ride, dogs, bikes, runners, old young, mums dads kids seems every one has the same idea, and why not the paths are excellent really smooth and wide to ride along the views are sensational with the ocean right next you and every thing that is happening around you to top it off you can ride for miles it was really mapped out and made well, enjoyed that ride a great way to start the day.


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