So Excited. Im Like A Little Kid.

It’s hard to believe I’m pretty excited stating work Tuesday Lol and especially at my age HaHaHa. Today i went got all the goodies pants, shirts, jackets, hardhat, hat, gloves, glasses Lol any body would think i’m the only one in the world to start work Lol.

Ready to go.
Mmmm a mans boot Lol.

I hat to admit i have never done so many inductions in all my life did 5 yesterday and 2 today.. Water Corp, Synergy, N.B.N Communications, Downer, Main Roads, W.A Traffic Board and Traffic Force, just a few Lol i’m all Induction out.. One To go.

Any way enough of me going on, were right at this moment there would be people all over the world passing Law Degrees, Philosophy of Life, Engineers and much more.. me a lolly pop man Lol.

Notice the score 90% & 80% today 95% Lol love it.


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