At Long Last.

Well today went for my forty third interview second one with this company this week, it was interesting as it was done through Skype as head office is 3 hours out off Perth in Bunbury a really nice getaway on the ocean.

An hour later interview was going extremely well i was my usual casual great guy HaHaHa Lol any way another story, to be honest i was pretty nervous but went really well.. i think it did Lol.. i thought that with the other forty two interviews.

You know when the company ask you to go for a drug an alcohol test your on the right track as they have to pay for it which is around 100 dollars + not cheap.. all so asked to go for a company induction on Friday.. Those great words that i haven’t heard in over 10 months AhAhAh i can still here them ( Paul congratulations you start Tuesday ) the relief that drained out of my body can’t explain but it felt good really good, if the Manager Amy was standing in front of me i would have kissed her Lol.. lucky she wasn’t could have been the quickest job i ever had HaHaHa.

Well now were talking wages an hourly rate with penalty’s rates for each job you do its around 27.50 an hour night shift and afternoon time and half first 2 hours and then double time for rest of the shift.. excellent.. i went out and brought a 2 way radio i get payed 15 dollars a day as its mine if not i would pay 15 a day to hire there’s that was defiantly a no brainer Lol.

Start Full time casual Tuesday.

Well looking forward to the next challenge, adventure, and a change of my story in life again.. Lol.. Interesting but intriguing were this will go.


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