What If. A Question We Would Ask Our Selfs..Once In Life.

It would have to be a question you ask yourself at least once in life, which could have been something that you have done or an instrument of music you started to learn, half way through your Degree and you quit to go on to bigger and better things in life.. or if I had gone over seas.. there would be one situation on one choice you have made and asked the question later in life What If ?.

It’s like did I open the right door was it the right choice I made should I have weighed it up more, it’s 2 words and very small words of a phrase that counts to 6 letters with so much interest when asking your self the question.. what if ? .

I have asked my self that a few times in life, as in the choice of playing professional AFL or amateurs, I went that way as I got payed 100 dollars for a game win loose or draw more than I earned working for the week, some times I ask what if I went professional I got approached several times to play at the time the highest level in AFL, being a young fellow money definitely spoke at the time.

Were would I be if I finished year 12 or my boring cabinet making apprenticeship Lol.. I really asked that question when I went back to Uni at 50 years old sitting in the mess room looking around.. what if I finished year 12 were would I be, and that is an interesting one at that because when I was a young man growing up we didn’t have the choices that are off today in front of you through this you can be in, I.T with computers, or a great sales rep that travels the world selling a world product there are multiple careers for the youth and young adults to set there lives and finances up through out the world.

So do I ask that question regular no not really it comes up every now and then with me, sometimes in conversation with the boys at the bar what if I won Lotto that comes up a lot HaHaHa and then dream what your going to do with your million dollar win Lol.. I think that’s more a dream like a fantasy.. MMM a another story Lol.. But seriously I think we all ask the simple question once in life, What If ?.


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