A Happy Mind Can Make Such A Difference Too Life.

It’s funny how your mind can basically set your life, what i’m saying is if your mind is in a good place your soul and body can be as well with the karma around your outer body. I’m not trying to sound like a guru or peace mind and spirt healer, far from it I have just noticed in my self how good I feel and how more positive I feel in life and what’s happening around me at the moment.

This is the way I felt the last couple of months.

I did a course last week Traffic Management, Traffic Control and Construction Card, through this course going into day 3 started to get emails off positions that are available and asked when could I go in for an induction and interview…well well well I have 2 tomorrow and 2 Tuesday.

That alone just picked me up as in mind and more positive spending time with Kado and actually getting all the paper work, licence, certificates ready for the big inductions and interviews just gave me an upper and I didn’t even take any pills for it HaHaHa not that I do, once upon a time Lol another story.

And may I say the relief off putting in my resernation with coaching really felt good not that I have a problem with it or did I hate no I didn’t loved it, but I have been looking after athletes and players for over 30 years, making sure there health, mind, fitness and well being was 100% for every event or game, you were all so there for them with personal problems or family situations, loss of a loved one.. and then all off a sudden i’m on my own ! thinking and writing down my bucket list HaHaHa it’s a huge one at that Lol.

The mind is starting to switch on at long last been a while but all good, really looking forward to the next chapter in my life.



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