Huge Swing In 1 Week

Well iv’e made a change in life that i would have thought that i would never do as one reason i have all ways made sure every position i ever held fitted into my most devoted and passion thing off my life COACHING – resigned as High Performance, Development of skills, life and AFL coach.

The Youngest Program as in Development and High Performance coaching.
Fitness coaching
Junior Academy

My kids all ways believed it was Football Then them HaHa Lol – I have to laugh but they were right in one way sort off. I had a Philosophy were i got to the level and thought i would rather be not far from them and i wasn’t into drugs getting pissed when my wife walked out, i was really upset and down and out so i got hold of something that would help me in life and that was my kids & sports.

Dose not matter how much i loved sports and how much i put into it was not covering my bills and commitments with living, with even though i was not living big in life. But the thing that is making me feel good right at this moment is the amount of emails and calls wishing me the best in my future, I’m very humble and proud to get such warm and appreciated calls from people, parents, athletes, coaches and many more that i have been involved with for over 50 years as a player and coach in a sport i loved so wonder i’m single Lol.

#Lifeat60 Thank You guys for so many great year

3 Grand finals 3 years in A ROW.

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