The Keto Program.

From my point noticed i said my point, i do believe it can work for loosing weight. It’s Like anything to work, patients don’t give up, even on a bad day, enjoy the challenge and hard work are the key.

The last few day one thing i’m enjoying in life is the fresh and healthy meals that i have indulged with great preparation and care. Lol From a mans point it’s certainly a program thats good to follow and has some great recipes in creating a good healthy meals.

Ive gone from a size 6-XL to a 4-XL in 1 month still a fat looking slob but getting from an over size whale to a fat slob is a great improvement long way to go. So with eating right and starting to exercise a lot more ill get there my goal is to loose 40 kilos by December 31st of 2019.

A blueberry, banana with almond unsweetened milk and Premium super greens powder mixed with ice.. the shakes are a good fill in for lunch.


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