Life Can Have Change Ups.

The Chair is a symbol of me sometimes..Lol

Is life a test and what do you accomplish at the end of it besides being put in a beautiful wooden box 6 foot under or burnt to a crisp. We get tested every day well i’m speaking at my level of living as i have never been rich or close to it so id be the average at the moment the low end of the scale but it’s all good, id say i’m pretty lucky in life were i have good kids that are really starting to go forward in life and in one way they do help me out in their own funny ways, my daughter makes sure dad is all good we are very close and open in life.. with the son he just makes sure i’m a live dose not say much he will have his days when he chats mmm his days. Lol

Is it true that some people with there lives just go on one line of direction with the same pace or have a few different direction every now and then.. what would be called a change up.. I would say I’ll live another 20 to 30 years mmm Lol, thats my thought any way. I can say iv’e had plenty of changes in life with careers just to name a few, managed Hotels, Managed cleaning contracts, sports photography, gym work part time, gardener. A few positions and changes in life still didn’t hurt anyone and all ways payed my way helped the kids when needed lived causal with life.

Start a new course tomorrow.

I did cert3 course in 2018 with youth community to help get a position working with the community Lol i laugh about this one as i have applied for several positions with being told you didn’t get the position as you haven’t any experience, well thats coming from people that are around early 30s and wouldn’t know how to interact with a stonier or alcoholic or understand what the streets mean to youths that live on them.

Thats how it is in today’s society getting dictated from half of my age and experience. So tomorrow i’m doing a weeks course as traffic management – traffic control and white card or commonly known as lolly pop men Lol. One thing iv’e learnt in life never give up all ways look for options in life, this is a position if you get an opportunity you can earn really good money do some traveling into the country on the road works, so once again at the age of 60 i’m looking at a new direction in work and to improve in the quality of life with just earning a wage again Lol.. i have to think Positive and Positive things will happen. Lol i should try that with Love HaHaHa another story.


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